Javanese Gamelan.

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The Javanese Gamelan Instruments
(Rainbow Silhouettes)

Click on the image or follow the links below for more information about Javanese gamelan instruments. Not all of the instruments have a descriptive page yet. You can also view a clickable photograph of the instruments (64 KB).
Silhouettes of the UW-Madison gamelan ensemble instruments. Bonang Panerus. Bonang Barung. Gender Barung. Gender Panerus. Kendhang (drums). Slenthem. Saron. Peking. Demung. Kempul. Gong. Two kethuk instruments. Kempyang. Kenong. Photographic image map.
Silhouettes of the UW Javanese gamelan instruments.

The hanging gongs (in violet):
Gong ageng, gong suwuk, and kempul (all described on the gongs page).
The horizontal gong instruments (in shades of blue):
Kenong, kethuk, kempyang, and the bonang.
Thick metal bar instruments (in shades of green):
Saron, demung, and peking.
Thin metal bar instruments with resonantors (in shades of red and pink):
Slenthem and the gendèr.
And other instruments... (always under construction)
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