Javanese Gamelan.

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All of the pictures below are of the gamelan or Javanese dance students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Most of the pictures were taken during the concerts and dance dramas of 2002 and 2003. Because most photos were taken during concerts, there are some obstructions (backs of heads) blocking some of the pictures. (I may be good with PhotoShop, but I'm not that good!)

Gamelan instruments (1).
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Gamelan instruments (2).
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Gamelan instruments (3).
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Gamelan concert picture.
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Javanese dance picture (1).
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Javanese dance picture (2).
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Javanese dance picture (3).
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Javanese dance picture (4).
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Javanese dance picture (5).
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Battle scene.
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Battle in Kaindran.
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Giants vs. the gods.
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The Pendhawa clan.
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Narada and Bima.
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Arjuna and Karna fight.
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Arjuna and Karna keep fighting.
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Bringing back the scabbard.
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Gathutkaca thrown into the volcano.
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Weapons for the volcano.
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Gathutkaca the child.
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The gods see Gathutkaca.
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Sekipu and Gathutkaca fight.
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The adult Gathutkaca.
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Narada and Gathutkaca talk.
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Sekipu and Gathutkaca fight.
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Gathutkaca kicks Sekipu.
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The gods attack Giling Wesi.
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Bima and Pracana fight.
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Gathutkaca fights Pracana.
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Arjuna draws his bow.
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Pracana is killed.
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The final bow.
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